"Smith has a singular vision and a unique voice that's equal parts Jim Butcher and Gary Gygax.

What he writes is weird, in the best possible meaning of the word."

- Scott A. Johnson,  Author, An American Haunting


Talk of the Tavern


Streamed Live on Twitch, May 17, 2018


Join Jay as he spends two quality hours in pub conversation with Andrea and Travis.  They talk audio drama, Buck Rogers, HR, gaming, virtual worlds, Jay's books, and ...the weather?

Parsec Award Ceremony


Streamed live on Sept 5, 2011 from DragonCon 2011


A totaly unexpected win for HG World over some amazing talents.

Award accepted by Scott Pigg and Bryan Lincoln.

Podcasting Authors Roundtable


Streamed live on Aug 30, 2014 from DragonCon 2014


Join a roundtable discussion of working writers who utilize podcasting to distribute and promote their work.
Guests: Bobby Nash, Scott Sigler, Pamela Gay, Jay Smith, and Michael Stackpole

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A sampler of shows talking about writing and audio drama.


Photos taken by Missy Wydra

Sci Fi Diner Episode 167 - Jay Interviews Dan Aykroyd

Join Jay as he talks about his favorite movie, its sequel, cartoons, and the reboot with smarter people than he...

USA Today Bestselling Author Virginia Nelson
Author, Educator, and Paranormal Investigator Scott A Johnson
Horror Author Chris Phillips
and National Bestselling Author Heather Long

Award-winning SF/F author Keith R A DeCandido
Podcaster, Audio Producer, and Voice Actor Dave Robison
Author, lecturer, and Riot Grrrl K.P. Kulski
Urban Fantasy author K.W. Taylor


Ivo Shandor‘s ghost appears courtesy of a Level 5 EM binding shell.

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The Batcave Podcast w/John S. Drew

Episode 8 - True or False-Face/Holy Rat Race (False Face)

Episode 23 - The Greatest Mother of Them All (Ma Barker)

Episode 31 - Come Back Shame/It's How You Play the Game (Shame)

Episode 48 - Batgirl Pilot Episode

Episode 49 - Enter Batgirl/Exit Penguin (Penguin)


The Chronic Rift

Roundtable Discussion - Ghostbusters (w/ Marc Scott Zicree)

Spotlight - Interview


The SciFi Diner

Farpoint 2015 "Live" with Scott, Miles, and M.

Episode 195 - HG World & Hidden Harbor talk with Scott

Madame Perry's Salon

Jay talks to Madame Perry on her show in 2017 and again in 2018.


The Tao of Tech w/ Mark Prestash

Episode 7 - Interview during early phase of HG World.


Pros & Cons

Talking conventions, audio drama and fun with Jonah Knight and Mikey Mason

The Sonic Society

The Sonic Society features Jay, Bryan Lincoln, and episodes of Hidden Harbor Mysteries!