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"Smith has a singular vision and a unique voice that's equal parts Jim Butcher and Gary Gygax.

What he writes is weird, in the best possible meaning of the word."

- Scott A. Johnson,  Author, An American Haunting

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Featuring Jay and Even More Interesting People!
ConTinual: writing weird westernS


Aired June 18, 2024


By nature, westerns often feature elements of the unknown, the strange, and even the paranormal. Join Bebe Bayliss, Paige Christie, Marlena Frank, Gini Koch, Misty Massey, Tamsin Silver, Jay Smith, and host James P. Nettles III as they ride into border towns and off into the sunset to write weird westerns! (First of 3 Western Panels)



Panel Recorded May 25, 2024 

Aired June 3, 2024


Game of Thrones, The Umbrella Academy, Titans, Deadly Class, etc., are TV shows becoming darker and darker in theme, violence, and language? Is this just a trend or is this who we have become as a society? Let's take a deep dive into the dark. This may not end well. Featuring Jennifer Della'Zanna (moderator), Elektra Hammond, Jay Smith, Ryan O'Nan, Cherrie Fors



Aired May 23, 2024


Comedy and horror are often two sides of the same coin, so what happens when we go for the mash-up? Find out with Kelley M. Frank, Robyn McGlotten, Hansi Oppenheimer, Jay Smith, and guest host Rachel E. Carr!

ConTinual: Blending Genres


Aired October 29, 2023


What does genre mean, how do we blend scifi, fantasy, horror, mystery and romance? Find out with Stuart Jaffe, Gini Koch, Nancy Northcott, S.H. Roddey, Jay Smith, L. Marie Wood, and host James P. Nettles

ConTinual: Dark Horror Comedies


Aired September 22, 2023


Regular folks save the world! We share our favorite things about The Guild, Tucker & Dale vs Evil,  Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead! With Stephanie Burke, Bill Mulligan, Hansi Oppenheimer, Maya Preisler, Jay Smith, Sarah J. Sover , and host Gail Martin!

ConTinual: Monster Motivations


Aired July 27, 2023


When we look at our monsters, be they heroes or villains, understanding what motivates them makes for the compelling story. Are they a predator like Jaws? Tortured like Frankenstein's monster? We talk about nature, nurture, and supernatural motivations with Elizabeth Davis, Melody Johnson, Kiernan Kelly, Gini Koch, Violette L Meier, Jay Smith, and host James P. Nettles.

ConTinual: British Sci-Fi TV!


Aired August 12, 2023


What great science fiction show were forged in the great Brtisih Broadcasting Corporation? Some Americans talk about their favorites! With Hansi Oppenheimer, Doc Coleman, Lola Strickland, Jay Smith, and host Gail Martin.

ConTinual: Classic Horror & Suspense


Aired June 10, 2023


The 1960's and 1970's featured classic suspense and horror on TV and film. Join Clay Griffith, Kiernan Kelly, Misty Massey, Jessica Nettles, Hansi Oppenheimer, Jay Smith, Carole M. Stokes, and host James P. Nettles as they dive into classics such as Kolchak: The night stalker and other favorites. Why do these still resonate, how did they influence shows like the X-Files, and how have some of these shows crept into their work!

The Writing Easy Podcast, Ep 91


Aired May 7, 2021


Hosted by Mary Mascari and Melissa Long! They say everything old becomes new again, and that is certainly true with radio plays turned podcasts. Our guest today is Jay Smith, an amazingly talented writer and producer of multiple audio dramas. He explains how to get started in narrative podcasting including, the difference between writing fiction and writing audios, telling serialized stories, and collaborating with actors and crew. Referenced: "Bombs Always Beep" by Kc Wayland

Episode 92 continues the conversation and can be heard HERE

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Fandom Trolls and How to Vanquish Them


Streamed Live February 21, 2021 @ Farpoint 2021


A panel to help con-goers avoid, confront, and dispatch misogynist trolls and their ilk. In this panel, we will dismiss certain myths regarding fandom's accepted DNA, who should be allowed to participate and what the acceptable role of women in fandom should be. We will also cover classy ways to combat the ignorant and grow better fan communities. Panelists: Kathleen David, Don Sakers, Jay Smith

Storytelling with New Technology


Streamed Live February 21, 2021 @ Farpoint 2021


A discussion of how to use podcasting and other new media to tell your stories. Panelists: Gregory A. Wilson, Jay Smith, Nathan Schell

Podcasting on the Cheap


Streamed Live May 28, 2021 @ Balticon 55


Podcasting on the Cheap Podcasting requires the use of specialized hardware and software, but starting your podcast doesn't have to break the bank. Come learn about the best tools you can assemble on a budget, where to find free-to-use content, and production techniques you can use to make even the cheapest gear sound good. Panelists: Doc Coleman (moderator), Hugh J. O'Donnell, Jay Smith, Keith Hughes, Wendy Van Camp

Generational Changes in the Meaning of Fandom


Streamed Live May 29, 2021 @ Balticon 55


In just a couple decades, SFF has gone from subculture to the mainstream. How does this change the ways we consume, produce, and discuss SFF? How does this add another challenge to fans trying to communicate across generations? Panelists: Gail Z. Martin (moderator), Daniel M. Kimmel, Jay Smith, Alyssa Winans - Artist GoH

Bad Movie Adaptations


Streamed Live May 28, 2021 @ Balticon 55


Sometimes there are reasonable changes to a work when it's adapted to the big screen, but sometimes you just want to shake the screenwriter and ask "What were you thinking?!" Come delight in the terrible adaptations of our favorite genre works. Panelists: D.H. Aire (moderator), Daniel M. Kimmel, Jay Smith, Seanan McGuire - GoH

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Streamed Live May 30, 2021 @ Balticon 55


Was it worth the wait? Worth the four hours? Did it redeem or further bastardize your favorite character? Let's discuss. Panelists: John L. French (moderator), Dr. Jim Prego, Jay Smith, Sean O'Connell

Setting Policy for Superheroes

Streamed Live May 30, 2021 @ Balticon 55


Should Superman apply for a license with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission since he shoots ionizing radiation from his eyes? Or the FAA, since he's also a self-powered flying device zooming around a major metropolitan area. Come discuss the red tape of supers and mutants. Panelists: Brenda Clough (moderator), Jay Smith, Anne Gray, John Tilden

Character Development Before the Curtain Goes Up

Streamed Live May 30, 2021 @ Balticon 55


Pop Quiz: What’s your character’s favorite color? Their shoe size? Their favorite teacher? Backstories bring characters to life, but how much should you actually come up with? What needs to go in the story, and what should be left out? When should you put down the RPG sheets and start writing the story itself? Panelists: Christiana Ellis (moderator), Jay Smith, L. Marie Wood, Ryan Van Loan, Anne E.G. Nydam

Talk of the Tavern


Streamed Live on Twitch, May 17, 2018


Join Jay as he spends two quality hours in pub conversation with Andrea and Travis.  They talk audio drama, Buck Rogers, HR, gaming, virtual worlds, Jay's books, and ...the weather?

Batcave Podcast (Episode 9):
"True or False Face"/"Holy Rat Race" 


Released on YouTube on August 10, 2016


The mysterious False Face and his elusive sidekick, Blaze, are back in Gotham City for a crime wave filled with confusion, false clues, and guises galore! But who is False Face? It's not just the identity of the villain that is in question, but the actor who portrays him as well.

THE INFAMOUS Batcave Podcast (Episode 23):
"The Greatest Mother of Them All"/"Ma Parker" 


Released on YouTube on August 10, 2016


Ma Parker has made a name for herself throughout the United States as one of the most difficult to capture criminals. When she sets her sights on Gotham City, it doesn't take the Dynamic Duo long to round her and her "boys" up, depositing them in Gotham State Penitentiary. In fact, it seems a little too easy. What is her grand scheme and will Batman figure it out??

Batcave Podcast (Episode 31):
"Come Back Shame"/"It's How You Play the Game" 


Released on YouTube on August 10, 2016


Shame is stealing automobiles only to abandon them sans one part to the vehicle. What is his scheme and what strange ideas do John and Hidden Harbor Mysteries author Jay Smith cook up when they discuss this episode?

Batcave Podcast (Episode 48):
"Batgirl Network Presentation" 


Released on YouTube on August 10, 2016


Killer Moth has come to Gotham to kidnap a millionaire to hold for ransom and it looks like he has the Dynamic Duo well under wraps thanks to his cocoon gun. Will he succeed or will the introduction of Batgirl help to save the day?.

Batcave Podcast (Episode 49):
"Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin" 


Released on YouTube on August 10, 2016


The Penguin is back in Gotham City with a scheme that seems foolproof - marry Commissioner Gordon's daughter Barbara and then he will be immune from prosecution.

Batcave Podcast (Episode 54):
"Louie the Lilac" 


Released on YouTube on August 10, 2016


Louie the Lilac wants to corner the flower market of Gotham City with the reasoning that if he does that, he can control the world.

Podcasting Authors Roundtable


Streamed live on Aug 30, 2014 from DragonCon 2014


Join a roundtable discussion of working writers who utilize podcasting to distribute and promote their work.
Guests: Bobby Nash, Scott Sigler, Pamela Gay, Jay Smith, and Michael Stackpole

Parsec Award Ceremony


Streamed live on Sept 5, 2011 from DragonCon 2011


A totaly unexpected win for HG World over some amazing talents.

Award accepted by Scott Pigg and Bryan Lincoln.

FREE STORIES: Reddit Readings on YouTube

Some of Jay's stories on Reddit were performed and posted by various readers.  Here is a sample of those stories
(offered via Creative Commons License, non-commercial, non-derivative, full attribution.)
"Leave Hester House Alone!"


Originally posted in /rLetsNotMeet in 2019
Read by
Mortis Media 1/12/2021 (First Story)

Read by Hellfreezer 11/6/2019 (Queued to 12:29)


Friends attempt to find a house that was the source of many suburban legends. Their camping trip goes from bad to worse as a storm and local townies try to murder them. 

"Young, Dumb, and Full of...Tequila"


Originally posted in /rLetsNotMeet in 2020

Read by Mortis Media 3/13/2020


A group of high school friends meet in Cancun for their reunion, but they soon learn that the map is not the territory and a cheap rental house on the beach becomes the site of a terrifying siege by local kids.

"The Circus Next Door"


Originally posted in /rLetsNotMeet in 2021

Read by MiSS FEARSoME 3/31/2021 (Queued to 16:45)

Read by Demon Creep 4/6/2021 (First Story)

Read by Mr. Creeps True Stories 8/24/2021 (First Story)

Read by Deadly Cure 9/19/2022 (Queued to 36:50)

Read by Mortis Media 6/6/2023 (Queued to 9:16)

Read by Don'tSkipThis 7/13/2023 (Only Story)

A story loosely based on my time living in a townhouse next to some very strange people, including one who lived in the attic over my bedroom.

"It's Not You. It's My Swiss Cheese Brain"


Originally posted in /rLetsNotMeet in 2021

Read by Deadly Cure 10/15/2021 (Queued to 1:09:10)

Read by MiSS FEARSoME 2/21/2022 (Queued to 47:06)

Read by Mortis Media 4/19/2021 (Queued to 2:49)

Read by Miss Creepy Tales 4/21/2021 (Queued to 20:05)

A man with long-term memory loss randomly encounters someone from his past who is not happy to see him.


A sampler of shows talking about writing and audio drama.

Sci Fi Diner Episode 167 - Jay Interviews Dan Aykroyd

The Chronic Rift

Roundtable Discussion - Ghostbusters (w/ Marc Scott Zicree)

Spotlight - Interview

The SciFi Diner

Farpoint 2015 "Live" with Scott, Miles, and M.

Episode 195 - HG World & Hidden Harbor talk with Scott

Madame Perry's Salon

Jay talks to Madame Perry on her show in 2017 and again in 2018.


The Tao of Tech w/ Mark Prestash

Episode 7 - Interview during early phase of HG World.


Pros & Cons

Talking conventions, audio drama and fun with Jonah Knight and Mikey Mason

The Sonic Society

The Sonic Society features Jay, Bryan Lincoln, and episodes of Hidden Harbor Mysteries!


Join Jay as he talks about his favorite movie, its sequel, cartoons, and the reboot with smarter people than he...

USA Today Bestselling Author Virginia Nelson
Author, Educator, and Paranormal Investigator Scott A Johnson
Horror Author Chris Phillips
and National Bestselling Author Heather Long

Award-winning SF/F author Keith R A DeCandido
Podcaster, Audio Producer, and Voice Actor Dave Robison
Author, lecturer, and Riot Grrrl K.P. Kulski
Urban Fantasy author K.W. Taylor


Ivo Shandor‘s ghost appears courtesy of a Level 5 EM binding shell.

Music and sound copyright Sony Pictures Entertainment.


Photos taken by Missy Wydra

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