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Writers, Readers, Listeners, and Other Reputable Humans Say Things About Jay's Words

[Of Jill Woodbine] "You want this book.  You need this book.  Really."

Keith R.A. DeCandido, author

Jill Woodbine is "a believable emotional journey of a young woman who still looks for answers and love, even at the end of the world."

Heidi Ruby Miller, author

"You know what? [Jill Woodbine] kicks ass. It's a great listen.  If you're a fan of zombie apocalypse stories, you know there's a lot of material out there, of varying quality. Jay's stories are definitely among the better offerings you're liable to find, and Jill Woodbine is some of the best material he's written for his own series."

Dayton Ward, author

"Jay has written a book which takes the reader through an emotional slug-fest, and leaves them ready for more."

William R. Herr, author

"Jay Smith has a singular vision and a unique voice that's equal parts Jim Butcher and Gary Gygax. What he writes is weird, in the best possible meaning of the word."

Scott A. Johnson, author

Rise of the Monkey Lord "not only is incredible fun but it just makes me this that old pharts my age who think 'science fiction is dead' are not looking in the right places."

Sherwood Smith, author

(On HG World): "High quality podcast. Once you start can stop. Right up there with "We're Alive." Hope you all get the praise you so deserve. Great story and actors. Thank you for all your unpaid hard work."

Bullock Zombie Lover (iTunes)

(Of Hidden Harbor Mysteries): "The writing is sharp and sly, mixing a modern sensibility with period style. The delivery is also top notch, with great performances by Veronica and Dave in particular. But the real hook here is the presentation. Smith’s writing, the cast’s performances, and Producer Bryan Lincoln’s masterful skills with audio editing software recreate the experience of tuning in to a 1936 broadcast with 2014 technology."

Hugh J. O'Donnell, writer/podcaster

"From what I've read of Jay Smith, he is either a great scam-man liar or a born writer."

Harlan Ellison, legend


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