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"Jay's stories are definitely among the better offerings you're liable to find, and Jill Woodbine is some of the best material he's written for his own series."
- Dayton Ward

From full cast dramatic productions to podcasts to audio stories, find a new adventure for the mind's eye here.  Listen to shows FREE all in one place on SPOTIFY!  

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Survivors of the zombie apocalypse attempt to rebuild inside a massive home improvement store.  Meanwhile, survivors on the outside investigate a conspiracy that might transform the remaining human race into servants of an ancient alien civilization.   This award-winning audio series is produced by Michael L. Stokes, Laura Nicole, Bryan Lincoln, Scott Pigg, James Patton, Ginny Swann, Ayoub Khote, featuring a full-cast.


Within the events of HG World, young Jill Woodbine fights to survive and build a life inside a massive shelter.  As she tries to solve a mystery behind the disappearance of several refugees and the secretive governing council, she meets the mysterious and seductive "Red Molly" who draws her into an even more complex puzzle.  This Parsec Award finalist is read by Veronica Giguere. 

Hidden Harbor Mysteries


In the tradition of the golden age of radio comes this 15-part tale of The Femme Phantom, a mysterious heroine who protects an American city on the brink of entering an alternate history version of World War 2.  A full-cast serialized story features all the ingredients of a golden age action adventure starring Veronica Giguere, Kathryn Pryde, David Robison and an all-star voice cast.  Produced and engineered by Bryan Lincoln.

Seven 'til Sunrise


Seven short tales about how we treat life in the face of death or when we are blissfully ignorant of our own mortality.


Read for you by Veronica Giguere, David Robison, DT Kelly, Stacy Dooks, Tracy Hall, and Lee Sands.

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