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"From what I've read of Jay Smith, he is either a great scam-man liar or
a born writer."

- Harlan Ellison
- Random
Internet Reviewer
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The Resurrection of  THE RESURRECTION PACT

Paperback and Kindle versions are LIVE on Amazon!

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The Comedy Geek Noir Thriller

 "A fresh, genre-bending mix of noir, fantasy, and contemporary drama. Part Bronson's Kumite, part Spillane's I the Jury, and part Smith's own Rise of the Monkey Lord, The Resurrection Pact twists through a web of intrigue, deceit, and betrayal to deliver a stunningly good read."       - Author William R. Herr

"And as a recovering WoW addict, I could absolutely believe the gamers as the villains of the story. Winston Casey's evolution from cancer patient getting back to normal life to accidental hero on a quest to help and rescue the downtrodden is merged with the craziness of a game and world even more ridiculous than WoW could ever be."      - Author J.L. Gribble 

"Jay Smith has a singular vision and a unique voice that's equal parts Jim Butcher and Gary Gygax. What he writes is weird, in the best possible meaning of the word."       - Author Scott A. Johnson 

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Advice you didn't ask for but will be glad you received provided by the REVEREND RUDYARD "Rudy" MYERS and edited by JAY SMITH.  Volumes of solicited (and sometimes unsolicited) advice given to millions of readers are archived and sorted by topics for convenient toilet-sitting reads or that ride on public transit where you want people to leave you the hell alone.  Religion. Sex. Politics. Relationships. Even Reverend Rudy's ventures into New Media and the Art World are compiled HERE for your amusement or distraction.

"Why did she report me to HR just because I called her FAT?"

"How do I get over the lost love of my life?"

"How do you deal with IRS scammers when they call?"

"Have you ever gone to someone's house and they answered the door naked?"

"Who was the rudest celebrity you ever met?"

"Is Superman still important today?"

The Diary of Jill Woodbine

Jill Woodbine is a young college student who finds herself in the middle of a mass exodus as the walking dead pour out of our decimated cities in search of fresh meat. Her flight takes her to a house and garden warehouse store (HG World) which has been converted into a temporary shelter for refugees.  As that temporary situation grows into something that feels permanent, Jill begins to investigate her surroundings, its leaders, and its growing culture of denial and power struggles. What she finds may uncover some dark secrets leading back to the start of the zombie apocalypse.   Along the way, Jill chronicles the heroism and cruelty of her fellow survivors and explores her obsession with the beautiful and mysterious "Red Molly".   Based on the Parsec Award-winning audio drama series "HG World" (also written by this author) and transcribed from the podionovel of the same name.

Aggressive Vignettes


One diary entry a day was the goal. Write about a god walking among everyday people. There's no dogma, no belief system, and no worshipers. This "god" just lived in the world without an anchor in time or space, could go anywhere and do anything it wanted.

The exercise was to create a solution to a problem in the world or answer an unanswerable question. In the end these short, weird bits of what would eventually become known as "flash fiction" stories fell together in a pattern and a purpose that the reader is welcome to define for her or him self.


Sertsa, the first god in the series, hates injustice, but has a selfish streak to him. Erisa is more a muse than a god, but carries a portal to Hell along with her.

Seven 'til Sunrise


Seven short tales about how we treat life in the face of death or when we are blissfully ignorant of our own mortality. We’ll meet Dominick Row who believes he’s won a sort of lottery and a trip away from a sick and dying world. Then Mr. Norman Stoker will scan the newspaper for evidence to support his view that the world is a miserable place all while scenes of vibrant life pay out around him. A survivor of a zombie uprising will explain how great it is to live without the shackles of modern society. A widower uses Facebook to reconnect with old friends, revealing dark secrets in the process. We’ll learn about a stuffed lion that has its own bedroom in a man’s lonely apartment and why it is so important to a housewife of over half a century that every autumn morning plays out the same way. Finally, Jay explains why lobsters are mean, evil creatures that must be stopped at all costs. Jay Smith collects stories written during a time of emotional pain and uncertainty exploring what it means to be alive but unaware of one's final destiny.

Rise of the Monkey Lord

Rise of the Monkey Lord is a satirical look at life through the eyes of an obsessive-compulsive role-playing gamer with the power of a god.

For over 30 years, creators and editors of the role-playing game Creatures and Catacombs have applied increasingly complex mathematical equations based on advanced physical and biological systems so that every measurement and element and every action and consequence within the C&C universe could be calculated accurately and realistically. So complicated and detailed did these rules become that they required advanced computers to run a simple hack/slash campaign. So advanced was the technology and knowledge required to play the game that it became indistinguishable from magic.

Within the universe this data has created, a lonely super genius tries to interact with his creations, portraying himself as a benevolent god with unparalleled power and understanding of math and science - but piss-poor creativity and social engineering skills. Rejected by even the world he created, he wants to reboot the universe and start again.

Standing in his way is a group of adventurers without the support of the players that created them. Will they be able to work together long enough to foil the plot of The Evil Monkey Lord?

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