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"The writing is sharp and sly, mixing a modern sensibility with period style.  The delivery is also top-notch. [it] recreates the experience of tuning in to a 1936 broadcast with 2014 technology." 

- Hugh j. o'donnell,  Author, podcaster (About Hidden Harbor Mysteries)


Some of Jay's stories on Reddit were performed and posted by various readers.  Here is a sample of those stories
(offered via Creative Commons License, non-commercial, non-derivative, full attribution.)
"Leave Hester House Alone!"


Originally posted in /rLetsNotMeet in 2019
Read by Mortis Media 1/12/2021
 (First Story)

Read by Hellfreezer 11/6/2019 (Queued to 12:29)


Friends attempt to find a house that was the source of many suburban legends. Their camping trip goes from bad to worse as a storm and local townies try to murder them. 

"Young, Dumb, and Full of...Tequila"


Originally posted in /rLetsNotMeet in 2020

Read by Mortis Media 3/13/2020


A group of high school friends meet in Cancun for their reunion, but they soon learn that the map is not the territory and a cheap rental house on the beach is the site of a war between local thugs leading to a terrifying siege by local kids.

"The Circus Next Door"


Originally posted in /rLetsNotMeet in 2021

Read by MiSS FEARSoME 3/31/2021 (Queued to 16:45)

Read by Demon Creep 4/6/2021 (First Story)

Read by Mr. Creeps True Stories 8/24/2021 (First Story)

Read by Deadly Cure 9/19/2022 (Queued to 36:50)

Read by Mortis Media 6/6/2023 (Queued to 9:16)

Read by Don'tSkipThis 7/13/2023 (Only Story)

A story loosely based on my time living in a townhouse next to some very strange people, including one who lived in the attic over my bedroom.

"It's Not You. It's My Swiss Cheese Brain"


Originally posted in /rLetsNotMeet in 2021

Read by Deadly Cure 10/15/2021 (Queued to 1:09:10)

Read by MiSS FEARSoME 2/21/2022 (Queued to 47:06)

Read by Mortis Media 4/19/2021 (Queued to 2:49)

Read by Miss Creepy Tales 4/21/2021 (Queued to 20:05)

A man with long-term memory loss randomly encounters someone from his past who is not happy to see him.

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