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February 9th, 1978 - by Danny Tibiasi, New York Minute.

Every morning for the last six, 72 year-old Edie Johnson of East Harlem woke up to another desperate cry from a neighbor seeking their lost family member. She listens from her armchair by the window of her small, 5th floor apartment overlooking a cluster of low-income rat holes. Every morning the laundry line telegraph hums with stories about another young man who never came home. This morning, it was 19 year-old Julio Cortez. Yesterday it was 14 year-old Mario "Popper" Huertos. Before that four others aged between 18 and 22.

People are disappearing in the night and, while mothers and fathers claim something sinister is happening, local cops contend that six missing men across twelve blocks were probably up to no good and are either lying dead under the rubble of the fires they set or will come home when they feel like it. Sgt. Nicholas White of Precinct X9 says police don't have the the resources to go after anyone of legal age who just doesn't come home one night. The Precinct, he says, has enough on its place with an explosion of robberies, burglaries, including an investigation of Edie Johnson's apartment building which reported parts of its elevator bank stolen last month, a crime which leaves Johnson, who cannot walk, trapped inside her crumbling apartment.

"We've had two arsons since January," White says. "fifteen deaths resulting, which is more of a priority to the city of New York than a couple guys who, frankly, should be living on their own by now."

Talk among the unemployed young men of East Harlem quickly turns to opportunities clearing lots and stripping properties in the derelict and condemned buildings around the neighborhood. They say it's a dangerous job because these buildings are often occupied by the homeless or serve as dens for drug users. Men who spoke on condition of anonymity tell The Minute that there's significant cash in it for those brave enough to run those people out by any means necessary.


Rats, Pigeons, and Dragon Bats?

February 19th, 1978 - by Fred Bassie, Alphabet Gazette

Every town has its urban legends. Every house in a mile radius has a friendly ghost story. New Yorkers are also famous for exaggerating stories about the local wildlife. Three-foot-long rats are reported. Pigeon attacks with the precision of a mob hit, herds of feral cats trying to steal babies from carriers, and other stories show up from time to time. But the Dragon Bats of Alphabet City, perhaps dreamt up by the creative minds living in the neighborhood, is a new addition to the city's cryptologist registry.

Three men and a woman escaping the subway one evening, emerged to street level to find what they describe as a "Black winged lizard the size of a horse" eating a leashed canine. The only sign of an owner on the empty street was the sound of a scream fading into the distance. Perhaps startled by the trio, this dragon took to the sky and flew off after the sound of the scream.

The trio, emboldened by the corroboration of nearby resident Familia Garcito, informed police who threatened to arrest them for drug possession and prank calling the police. Police dismissed the remains of the animal as the result of a dog fight and suggested the owner ran off to either pursue the animal or flee it.

Since then, residents have reported pulling in laundry to find soiled, torn, or bloodied items from the line. restaurant owners report their dumpsters, each hundreds of pounds when empty, toppled and gutted as if by something the size of a black bear.

One of the hapless trio who witnessed the attack on the dog said, "It was very shiny, like a horse in a rubber suit. It's wings were like leather and when out to its side wre twice as wide as it was long. It had steel claws and silver teeth. Eyes...like the inside of a lava lamp."

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Tibiasi Notebook Page


Keemwe C-. of Biltmore Projects: $50 a day to help clear out a slum. Bonus for stripping copper, plumbing, wiring. $250 to go into a house known to be occupied and 'clean it out' by force. Didn't do it himself, but several guys didn't come back to get paid. Thinks the guys paid to burn a place get $500.


Five men, 14-22, reported officially, but the number is more like 25-30. Most are illegals or felons or vagrant so go unreported. No women that we know of. Bodies never found.


42 arsons, small to city block size damage, across Harlem since NYE.


What is S.P.O.O.C.?


Feb 13

NY Minute Reporter Vanishes While Investigating Disappearances


February 13, 1978 - by Gale Olsen

Minute reporter Daniel Tibiasi has been reported missing on assignment in East Harlem. Police are actively searching for the local investigative journalist after he failed to report in following a visit to a BiltMor construction site in the Huevos District adjacent to Spanish Harlem. The construction site was the target of a fire bombing by persons unknown and remains condemned.

Police searched the burned out property and found "suspicious and fresh evidence" of foul play inside the building. So far there are no leads.

The New York Minute is offering a reward for information that leads to the return or recovery of our colleague and friend. Please call 1-212-5.....

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  • Enterdyne Corporation Enterprise Dynamics for a Stronger America March 4th, 1978 Dear [Player]: As you may know, New York City, America's beacon of liberty and symbol of its prosperity, has become a city in crisis. At the request of the Mayor's Office, our corporation has been tasked with taking a hard look at the problem and proposing bold, creative solutions and restore the shine to our Big Apple. Your name was forwarded to us by experts who feel your skills would be useful to our quest. We invite you to join our team of experts and investigators as a consultant for an open-ended contract of no less than 30 days and no more than 364. You will be provided transportation to our New York offices and put up at the renowned Sedgewick Arms less than a block from our headquarters. In exchange for making yourself fully available to our team for the length of the project, we are offering you an honorarium to continue your work in the amount of [redacted] US dollars. Medical coverage, life insurance, and other benefits will be outlined in some detail upon your tentative acceptance of this offer. To continue this process, please review and sign the enclosed non-disclosure agreement and legal wavers. Our office will be in touch shortly after receipt of the paperwork. We look forward to your help in making New York City great again. Halburt Duke, Director of Research Enterprises Enterdyne America
  • Every RPG needs PCs. Here are a few guidelines and rules for creating your character. The game is set in 1978, in and around New York City. The general public and scientists generally do not accept the existence of the supernatural. You can choose any profession, background, age, and general skill sets you want that allow you to enjoy yourself. I will put countermeasures into the game to combat any potential min-maxing. I will also ask players to alter their skills if we load up on too many "nightclub bouncers" or "paranormal detective" types. Recommended professions: Scientist (any discipline) Psychologist/Psychiatrist Electrical/Electronic/Computer Technician Historian Detective/Investigator/Journalist Soldier/Mercenary Invent your history. Troubled past? Underacheiver? On a quest? What drives your character? Consider the world of 1978 as you draw up your character. Use this as a guide. Integrate your character into your profile. I will provide notes and secrets to you as we move along.
  • New York City, March 1978. The town is dirty, overcrowded, and beset by a plague of dangers. By every account, New York City is the most violent city in the western world. In the first three months, the NYPD has reported over 100 violent deaths across all boroughs. The city has a feral animal problem as well which has outraged the middle class New Yorker as much as the human death toll. It is almost impossible to walk the streets at night and it is at the point now that the early spring thaw is trending toward an explosion of more murder, robbery, and disappearances. Each of our players has received a letter requesting consultation by a corporation attempting to identify the social, economic, and political causes of the growing chaos. Have something to say? Leave a comment or share a post!

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